How to Ensure That You're Getting a Great Deal When You Source Your Parts from a Wrecker's Yard

Did you know that automobile manufacturers make more profit from replacement parts than they do from the original vehicle itself? When you understand this logic, it's not surprising that a certain amount of latency is built into each and every component of the car that sits on your driveway. You may be faced with the need to buy some parts fairly soon, but may not be happy at having to fork out full retail price. If you're thinking about paying a visit to a wrecker's yard instead for the first time, what do you need to know and specifically, how do you know that you're going to get a good deal?

Research First

Before you go down to the yard, ensure that you do some research using your favourite search engine. Find a database of parts for your particular vehicle, so that you can see what each component is worth "on the street." You just need to find out what you should expect to pay and should compare a number of different resources first, so that you get an average value. You will need to know if you are looking at the right component, however and it may help to get a similar number from the piece before you begin.

Asking the Enthusiasts

Another way to check is to consult an online forum that is dedicated to your particular brand of vehicle. Members of the forum may well have some experience about replacing that part and can help you with the process involved, if needed. They may also make you aware of some additional complications, such as the need to replace a separate part that relies on the one that is faulty. You'll be surprised how many different forums there are on the World Wide Web and in most cases, the enthusiasts will be all too happy to help you out.

Comparing Retail

Now that you have a certain amount of information you should get in touch with the main dealer to see what these parts will cost you in a full retail environment. You will be able to see the spread and how much you are likely to save by sourcing used components instead. You'll also be able to get a specific part number from the dealer if needed, so that you can double check this against the component that you eventually buy.

Making the Purchase

Your next move will be to pay a visit to the wrecker's yard, with all your research in hand. You will be able to tell the attendant exactly what you need, together with a part number if necessary. They will then direct you to the location of the part and you can buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting a great deal and saving money against your budget.

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