How to Prepare Your Car before You Hand it over to a Wrecker's Yard

If you're the kind of person who likes to hold onto things, then you may have had your current car for many a long year. It's been relatively kind to you but in recent times you been spending more and more money on its upkeep. Now, a major part has given way and it's simply not going to be economical for you to repair it any longer. As you keep your eyes open for a new vehicle, you need to make arrangements to remove the car and will be considering passing it over to a wrecker's yard. What do you need to do first, however?

Doing a Sweep

Firstly, make sure to go through the vehicle with a fine tooth comb. It's amazing how many people use their mode of transportation as some kind of storage device and even if they don't, many personal items can find their way into hidden locations throughout the vehicle. Have a look behind the sun visors and under the floor mats and into those cracks between upholstery pieces. You need to take everything out of the glove box and don't think that you can just leave anything there, just because you don't need it any more. The wrecker's yard is not in the business of recycling personal items and be careful if you leave any paperwork, as it might have personal information that you should safeguard.

Making Preparations

Cancel any outstanding insurance and remove the license plates from the vehicle. You need to transfer the ownership to the wrecker's yard, so that you have no responsibility for it any more. Otherwise, it's not inconceivable that you might incur some kind of liability even though the car is not in your possession any more. Note that the owners of the yard will require you to present identification and additional questions may need to be asked if your paperwork is not in full order.

What's Included

Have a word with the wrecker's yard to see how much money they will give you for the deal. If they only feel it is worth scrap value, then you may have the option to take some of the more valuable components off before handing it in. For example, you may have a stereo system or a GPS unit that can be sold elsewhere, but make sure that you are clear with the buyer about what is and is not included in your vehicle.

Finally, get some help to siphon the petrol out of the tank if it is full and sell it off to a friend. Usually, the owners of the yard will have no use for it and it just represents a nuisance value when they start their work.

Moving On

Get in touch with the proprietors of your nearest yard to discuss getting cash for your car..

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