Second Life: Why And Where To Buy A Second-Hand Radiator For Your Vehicle

Your vehicle's radiator is one of its most important components, providing vital cooling to hot engine components, and a faulty or damaged radiator can take your ride off the road remarkably quickly. Consequently, finding a replacement for your broken radiator as quickly and cheaply as possible will save you a lot of headaches, but finding the right radiator for your vehicle on short notice can be challenging.

When it comes to finding the right radiator model for your vehicle, purchasing a second-hand radiator can be a very sensible option, especially if your vehicle is particularly old or rare. Scrapyards and wrecking services across Australia stock a wide variety of used radiators, and opting for a pre-loved radiator can have a number of advantages over purchasing a new model from a dealer or car manufacturer.

What are the advantages of choosing second-hand radiators? 

Low prices

As you can imagine, second-hand radiators are significantly less expensive than radiators fresh off the factory line, and a little searching can often turn up some remarkable bargains. This makes dealing with the unexpected costs of replacing a broken radiator far easier to deal with, and also allows you to pick up a higher-end model of radiator than you would otherwise be able to afford.

Nearly-new condition

The very cheapest second-hand radiators offered for sale have generally seen a beating, but you often pick up a radiator in nearly-new condition for just a few more dollars. This is particularly true if you purchase your radiator from a wrecking service, as many of the radiators they sell are pulled from cars which have suffered significant damage to their rears in collisions and accidents -- while the vehicle itself is no longer roadworthy, the engine components of these vehicles generally suffer little to no damage.

Environmentally friendly

Recycling materials is always a good way to do your bit for the environment, and choosing a recycled radiator is no different. New car radiators take a signficiant amount of resources and energy to produce, so opting for a second-hand radiator is a good way to lower the carbon footprint and embodied energy of your vehicle, helping to offset the environmental impact of the emissions it produces.

Where should I buy a second-hand radiator?

All of these advantages can make purchasing a second-hand radiator an attractive prospect; however, a lot of used radiators sold by less reputable sellers (particularly by shady internet vendors) can be substandard. To ensure that your used radiator is reliable and in fully roadworthy condition, you should purchase it from a reputable wrecking yard or used car part dealer. Many wrecking services specialise in specific brands of vehicle, so choosing a wrecking services that specialises in your brand can make finding a compatible model much easier and simpler.

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